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OUTLAW IN-LAWS is a hit series that sheds light on an all-too-common problem that faces families around the world: issues with the in-laws! When your in-laws are driving you up the wall, and the tension is too much to bear, now there’s finally help! Our renowned advice expert (the Host) visits homes suffering from family feuds and gets them back on track. We expose the reality of in-laws gone wrong and help bring peace to families everywhere.

About the new Outlaw In-Laws – the Reboot:

Today we have an opportunity to reboot the series, by leveraging all the elements that made it a success... as well as approaching the subject matter with a newer, fresher contemporary perspective. The success of a series like Couples Therapy (Showtime) proves that audiences are hungry for honest, real-life stories and relationship struggles that play out over an entire season as opposed to just one episode. Audiences are seeking out stories with nuance and complexity. The new Outlaw In-Laws series will capture the extreme ups and downs and family issues we all feel in our lives from time to time, but without resorting to “quick fixes” and “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Where the original Outlaw In-Laws featured one family per half-hour episode, with stand-alone resolved stories, with the reboot we’re taking a deeper dive: each season we will follow a cast of 5 or 6 couples and in-laws, and at least 3 of the families will appear in every episode. This means viewers will get to know the couples more intimately, as their extreme struggles are played out over several months. With this new approach and format we have an opportunity to stay with the couple and their in-laws for a sustained period of time, through all the raw honesty, the fights and the tears, as well as the breakthroughs and victories. Which is not to say the new Outlaw In-Laws will promise a happy reconciliation for every family. Sometimes, the best and only solution is to move on.

With the reboot of Outlaw In-Laws our Relationship Expert will still present challenges for the couples and their in-laws. These challenges might be fun and entertaining activities, taken up and played out within an episode ...or they can be a recurring task for the family to focus on and return to over the course of the season: more authentic challenges that may reveal deeper conflicts, as viewers are invited along for the unpredictable and emotion-filled ride.


The Show's Background:

Outlaw In-Laws originally aired on Style Network/NBCU and Slice in Canada from 2007-2009 (39 episodes) and spread around the world airing in multiple territories and languages. Each half-hour episode features a couple in crisis due to a major rift with one of their in-laws. The tensions and conflicts reach a breaking point – the family needs a serious intervention. Help arrives in the form of relationship expert Ellie Tesher, who sets out to guide the families back on track. After observing and identifying the central issues facing all of the main players, Ellie offers insightful advice, as well as some fun and illuminating challenges to shake up the family feud dynamics.

The original Outlaw In-Laws was a hit with critics and audiences alike, and the success of the series is no mystery: it was engaging and utterly relatable TV. After all, almost all couples, whether married or not, have to reconcile with their partner’s family! The family stories of Outlaw In-Laws were at once unique and universal. They were emotional. They were transformational. In its first season, the time periods airing Outlaw In-Laws saw a 40% AMA growth for Adults 18-49, and a 60% AMA growth for Women 18-49.

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